Why Is A Divorce So Hush-Hush?

I put a little detail into my life on Facebook and I have incurred a wave of backlash and I feel as though I am perceived now as some kind of a villain. How dare I “air my dirty laundry”? It is not appropriate to put all of your life on the internet for those to see. Never mind the man who is single handedly causing me and his infant son to be homeless, with no bed, no support, not a hint of remorse for this quite impulsive and earth shattering life altering change. Heaven forbid I “hint” on social media the hell I am living in.


Well, Dear Haters:

  1. My laundry, though dirty to you is just what it is. Laundry. I mean really. Why give a shit. I’m providing you with quality reading material. My life should make some of yours look like a paradise. You’re welcome.
  2. I’m not ashamed of my journey. It’s pretty awful right now. Yes. But I am not ashamed. He should be. And his family may not want the world to know the depth of his dark selfish core, but as my mom says, “life’s a bitch and then ya die”. This is my story and I chose to share it.
  3. Venting and sharing my story has helped me. I’ve had people in similar situations reach out to me and become an incredible support system. Something I’d never have if I didn’t put myself out there.
  4. It’s shown me who truly has capacity to love me. My ugly parts. My pretty parts. My broken parts. My misguided parts.

So, before you put up your passive aggressive “I hate when people over share on social media” post, reach out to me maybe. Help me. Talk with me. Be a friend. Otherwise, “Winter is coming” and prepare for my icy freezeout.

And again. What is so secretive? Why is this taboo? Because it’s personal? So is your bathroom selfie. So is your checking at your gynecologist. Yes. My husband is leaving me. Yes. He says I didn’t contribute to paying enough bills. Yes he accused me of being lazy. That I didn’t do enough dishes. My laundry piled up. I never made him dinner enough. Yes. He told another woman he would leave me to be with her. That he is attracted to her and wants to be with her. Yes he works with her. No this is not an embarrassment. No I am not afraid that one day my son might read some of these “thoughts”.

This is me. This is my story. This is my journey and this is not offensive, it is honesty, true feelings, it is real.

Why not put it out there instead of dodging the gossip, the whispers and the talking in the shadows?

Call me crazy (it’s ok he has many times) but I am not going to hide this story in fear of offending you, him, family, anyone. It’s mine. I own it. I will scream this journey from the highest mountain.

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One thought on “Why Is A Divorce So Hush-Hush?

  1. Beutiful and inspirational. I too found my support by sharing my struggles and in sharing I connected with many admirable women that had gone through similar situations. Thanks for sharing.


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