Follow up to Letter’s I will never send (but already sort of did): Dear J. Response: Dear Heather.

Masqued. You challenged me. I have an Olympic Gold in crappy self esteem. But this will feel good.

Dear Heather,

Because you are hard on yourself sometimes here are 50 Reasons why you are a Strong Awesome Woman:

  1. You are incredibly conscious of other’s feelings. No matter who they are. You put great effort into not hurting people, even if they have hurt you.
  2. You put your family first. ALWAYS. Family isn’t always blood.
  3. You brought the most beautiful baby boy into this world and you pour ALL of your love into him
  4. You like to be a giver and never expect anyone to repay a favor.
  5. You have an enormous capacity to forgive.
  6. You always have fun. Mistaken sometimes as immaturity.
  7. You are goofy, and it is infectious.
  8. You always believe that people are good deep down.
  9. You re-tell stories in way that is animated and exciting. People love it.
  10. You are affectionate. Not just intimately, but you like hugging and telling people that you care about them.
  11. Despite your failed marriage you do believe you are worthy of love and a devoted partner.
  12. You are a bad ass. You had a gun pointed at you at work, and came back the next morning as usual.
  13. You used to work 60 hour weeks, while pregnant and you never gave up!
  14. You hand make a lot of things for people because you like putting a piece of you into your gifts.
  15. You are a huge astronomy fan girl and teaching yourself how to use a telescope.
  16. You have taken amazing photos of the moon.
  17. When you are passionate about something you radiate your excitement.
  18. You kayak and you do it all on your own. It’s impressive.
  19. You are a championship cuddler.
  20. You are fantastic at rolling with the punches and going with the flow.
  21. You sing and dance in the shower like it’s going out of style.
  22. You cry a lot because you feel deeply.
  23. You don’t focus on appearance because your busy doing things you love.
  24. You like to relax, you don’t need to always be doing something.
  25. You are brave, you let yourself be vulnerable to man again, even after having your heart shattered.
  26.  You say what is on your mind.
  27. You are inquisitive and curious.
  28. You do not value money over things like family and pride.
  29. You understand the concept of compromise and embrace it.
  30. You are willing to sacrifice certain negotiables, you understand that happiness can come at a certain cost.
  31. You do not expect anyone to ever change because you want them to, the people you love, you love because of who they are.
  32. You give chances. 2nd, 3rd and even a 4th.
  33. You know when you need to ask for help.
  34. You try to always take responsibility for your actions.
  35. You know when to apologize.
  36. You have an incredible sense of humor.
  37. You make awesome cupcakes!
  38. You always are looking for a new adventure.
  39. You manage to stay positive even when the odds are stacked against you.
  40. Despite having to grow up, you still manage to squeeze time to play video games here and there.
  41. You can be intellectual and read books, and also make fart jokes (at 31)
  42. You never once blamed your divorce JUST on him. You saw your role in this. But you also have remembered that you DID NOT deserve to be cheated on.
  43. You are not just a mom to your boy, but you are a rockin’ mom to a badass Boston Terrier.
  44. You have few friends, but the few you have are amazing, because you listen to them, respect them and you love them.
  45. You hold all life in a high regard, you hate to even kill spiders or ants.
  46. You aren’t picky and you are always willing to give new things a try.
  47. You are somewhat worldly from your European/Asian travels.
  48. You don’t get grossed out easily, you get dirty, you get on your hands and knees and you don’t complain about it.
  49. You started running to channel your anger, something you thought you NEVER could do. But you finished a 5k in 29 minutes this summer. You are a beast!
  50. After all of the things you have been through in your 31 years, finding your grandfather dead at 5, having a neighbors son violate you at a very young age, you suffered the disappointment of having a useless BA degree, heavily burdened with loans from that degree, gave birth to a baby boy, robbed at gunpoint, cheated on, verbally abused and divorced … you still love life. You still power on. You know that those things they are things they do not define who you are.


Okay that was really hard for me to do… BUT the next bad day… I will pull this up.

Masqued, thank you. Have you done this? I think everyone should! It’s enlightening and uplifting!


3 thoughts on “Follow up to Letter’s I will never send (but already sort of did): Dear J. Response: Dear Heather.

  1. *Cheers* That was kick-ass and awesome, way to rock it, sister! I have not done it myself yet, but was thinking of doing it as a project for this Valentine’s day weekend. 🙂 Now you’ve followed through, so I better do one too! 😉


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