I’m in the vomit inducing kind of love. Sorry not sorry.

It was 90 degrees outside. AC was working over time. I was speeding over to J’s apartment. I had cold beer and ice cream sandwiches ready to be devoured. I actually had already seen him earlier that day but I missed him.

He came out to the parking lot to help me carry my things (I had a rancid sunburn).

As soon as the door to his apartment shut he took his shirt off.

He has this adorable patch of fur on his chest. Not sure why but it drives me wild. While my back was turned as I put the beer in the fridge he wiggled out of his pants and walked over to his guitar.

This sexy man was playing guitar in underwear. I was speechless. I walked over to the couch to completely objectify my boyfriend. As I squeaked by he grabbed me and he kept playing. We kissed. We kiiiiiiiiissed. And kept kissing and he kept playing.

Yeah. That’s my boyfriend. And I love him. (It’s surreal at 31 to say Boyfriend after all these years!)


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