TICB: Christmas

Today I am crying because: Christmas is coming. It’s July. JULY. And I’m all over here like:

“Wahhhh” Sobbing at my desk at work. Festering and dwelling. Telling the guys in the back as they walk by “Wow my allergies are awful today” ::insert phony laugh:: Yeah… They are not buying that I am sure.

Why? Because these “Christmas in July” sales are getting me thinking about December. And Christmas will be here and I am NOT. NOT NOT NOT NOT. Not at all mentally prepared for the shared custody at Christmas this year.

Last year I was with the little peanut from 6 PM on Christmas Eve until 1 PM on Christmas Day. This year. I will not. I don’t get to see his sweet little face wake up to Santa’s gifts. I don’t get to tuck him in bed and tell him stories of reindeer and sleighs.

And all I can muster is a big fat “WTF”.

Fuck Christmas this year. Santa can suck it.

How is that for a poor sport?

I will be in my bed. Crying. That chest pain headache inducing cry. I won’t want to talk to anyone. I will want to be alone. Awesome. Can’t wait. Looking forward to that night.


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