I’ve never delved into this until today. I have seen in passing some posts relating to people who say they are an empath. Even as I type this, I doubt this a “thing”… its underlined red as it’s not being recognized as real word (I guess you won’t see that when it’s published).

So google helped. As well as Pinterest (OK… questioning my assumption above since the “dictionary” has pinterest is underlined in red too).

So here is what my very amateur research has turned up:


That is the first thing that I read. I am struck when I see “You are affected by other people’s energies”. Before I ever discovered this “Empath” thing. I always used to say that I am a “feeder” and I feed of the emotions of those around me. So if someone was moping around and seemed upset to me. I, even if nothing was bothering me would feel overwhelmed by this and would mimic this attitude. I cannot be happy when I cannot feel happiness from others. I have always felt a tendency to absorb the emotions around me.

Crying! If someone is next to me crying, I won’t know why but I myself will begin to cry. I always thought I was just overly sensitive. Well I am. But this will sort of help me explain it.

I went on and clicked the “30 traits of an Empath (How to know if you’re an Empath)” link.

I fit maybe 10 of them. So I concluded I am a partial empath. I continued tinkering around and looking further:

I found this link to be quite interesting as I felt it hit home with my personality.

I saw this. I often am overly apologetic and have a sense of guilt for my emotions and sensitivity that other just do not understand. Maybe this can help explain it:


I have to take a break from my “research” … aka google-fest. Take it in.


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