The Cabin

The sun was beaming through the thick dirty wood blinds. I could see the dust floating in the heavy humid air. The trees around the cabin were still dripping fresh rain from the early morning shower.

I followed the heavy dusty sun rays to find they were licking his beautiful creamy skin. He was still sleeping. I watched his chest rising and falling as if it was a beautiful choreographed dance. I realized that it was synchronized with my own.

I traced with my finger, the sunlight gently resting on his perfect skin. It’s like electric when we touch. I feel a shock run through me and stop in the pit of my stomach.

I thought to myself that I wished I knew what he was dreaming about. Me? Us? Nothing of any substance? His mind is always so beautiful to me. I want to hear his thoughts.

I imagined he wasn’t dreaming but he was just content with existing in that moment. A peaceful existence lying in bed in a cabin in the woods with a woman who loves his body and mind.

I whispered softly in his ear “I love you” and I wrapped my body around him like a big spoon.

My heart whispered to me “you’re going to be just fine, relax”

And I drifted back to sleep with him. Peacefully existing.


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