The Other Woman

As I type this I’m still shaky. I JUST wrote the unsent letter to her.

I JUST relived a painful memory involving her.

And tonight, after work I went to Target to pick up some things and do what I do at Target. Shop. I was looking at a pretty blue tank top. I heard a baby crying and my mommy instincts were on point. Pinpointing the source instantly. A few feet away in a black stroller and I heard what I assumed to be the mother console the baby.  I walked a little closer. I was eyeing the clearance swimsuits, right where the mother and baby were.

I hadn’t seen as I turned that they had shifted the location and I backed right up and into the black stroller.

I turned to apologize.

As my eyes met the mothers. We both silently agreed we knew who we were. Clair. In the flesh. Face to face. Those stupid fake eyebrows.

I froze. I picture my face being dumbfounded. Mouth open. Dead stare. I was paralyzed and stared silently too long. The silence was broken when she laughed.

Not the polite uncomfortable laughter. The condescending laughter that will chill your bones.

I was still frozen. She then called me pathetic. And pushed her stroller away.

And to think I wanted to thank her.

I grabbed my phone to call my mom. No answer.

J. He’s busy at work. I walked target in a fury. To the opposite end. I was ijn groceries when I got my senses back. I was crying and shaking. My heart was racing.

I grabbed some food for lunches and briskly walked to self checkout. Eyeing everyone to check for her.

I was so frazzled I left my phone at the check out.

That was embarrassing.


14 thoughts on “The Other Woman

      1. Just Be Kind to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up that you are reacting like this. Of course it would stir up reactions. Trigger you.

        Pamper yourself today. You are worth it.

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  1. I have been there many times this past year. Different reasons, same dark shadow. We went through a very difficult time, and sometimes it is fair to remind ourselves we are doing the best we can.

    You got this. The shadow will pass eventually, I promise. Doesn’t make the present easier, but sometimes it helps me to remember these feelings will not stay forever.

    *hugs to you today*


  2. she laughed? what a nasty vile creature – must be a sociopath because anyone with one speck of human decency would have either apologized or quickly removed herself from the situation with a look of regret/shame

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  3. Toxic person without doubt. Though you froze you never sank to her toxic level. Her life is probably littered with victims of her corrupt and poisonous soul. Forgive her for she is a victim of her own toxicity and darkness. Forgive yourself for any thoughts of self reproachment. You are amazing and you are living in light. Be blessed.

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