Pink Shirt At The End of The Bar.

I met J one year ago today.
My Aunt is always kind and has always looked out for me. She is sweet and I enjoy the fact that she lives closer now. She went through a divorce recently so we have been sharing each other’s war stories, comparing “scars”.

She saw that last year I was finally on an upswing. I was going out, enjoying life again. I was still stuck in an angry patch about the divorce but I was ready to get out in the world and date.

I guess I was quasi going on dates with an old high school friend, but I was not all too interested. He was kind and he was successful, established. He had a school age daughter whom I met briefly and was very sweet. He had a boat that we went out on, and he flew planes. But I didn’t feel any connection, it felt just like a friendly relationship. Nothing more to me. I knew I would have to let him down as I could see where he wanted to take this.

My Aunt told me she works with her friend’s step-son. He is single. He is cute and she thinks we would hit off. I texted her back with a “lol”. Totally not taking her seriously. She told me to let her know when I’m ready. In the meantime she showed him my Facebook page, so he could see me. Apparently that was enough for him to want to meet me. She updated me that he thinks I’m pretty. So I told her to just go ahead, give him my number.

I told my mom about it. She was hesitant. Didn’t think it was a good idea. I brushed it off. What did she know? She’s been with my dad since she was a teenager. She never had to “get back out there” and I was thinking, why wait.

He sent me a text that night.

I didn’t respond right away that night because I was going to  make him sweat. I was busy with my boy too but I really wanted him sit and wait for me. I was hoping that would make him just a little more nervous, level the playing field a bit for me. (Selfish).

We ended up going out that Saturday night. He said his friends bailed. But I wonder if he just wanted to go out with me instead, so he seized the moment.

I ran to the mall and got a new shirt that Saturday. I wore tight jeans, did my hair and my make up and slipped on my floral Toms. I remembered he texted me earlier that he would wear a pink shirt and get a spot at the end of the bar.

HEATHER… ME … BLIND DATE. I never thought this would be me. I was freaking the f out. I pulled up to a parking lot near the bar we were meeting at that night. I was late. Shocker. Turns out that was the wrong parking lot. So I drove closer. I was walking up and I saw him in the window. I quickly looked back at the car so I didn’t make eye contact yet. I was nervous. Shaking. In my head I was like “GO GO GO GO Turn around it’s not too late”. I even stopped for a split second and walked back to the car. But something in me was pushing me to take a chance. I pulled open the door and felt my heart race. There he was. At the end of the bar. In a pink t-shirt. Smiling subtly as I walked closer. I don’t remember much. I remember I rambled. I remember getting buzzed from the beer. I remember 2 AM hit and the bartender was clearly ready to kick us out. We were there for 5 hours.

I learned he was in a band, he played guitar, he’s from California, his parents are divorced, he was gorgeous, he had a west coast flare to his accent, his last relationship was a 3 year dozy with a crazy woman (we all are). I learned he hated Dave Matthews band (haha) and that he had a cat.

As we walked out, laughing and smiling, I felt strange. Like I was thinking is this one of those moments I should be really savoring. This one could matter one day.

He hugged me. He kissed me sweetly on my cheek. I had that wiggly tummy butterflies feeling. And after a year… I still get it.

When I got home, I jumped in bed, buzzed off the high of a great date, and I texted him goodnight.

Everyday since then I have thought about him. And I hope every day from now I will too.


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