TICB: I Have No Effing Clue

This is why I hate being me some days.

I will have a mood shift in a minute. And before I know it, I am suppressing tears.

Crying is for extreme emotions right?

Not me. The wind could blow the wrong way and I cry.

Life is good. As good as it can be considering all I’ve been through. If you were to ask me if I am happy, I would easily say Yes.

But I woke up to J criticizing my snooze habits. And I cried. Flashbacks of the old days rushed me. Negative thoughts overpowered my sleepy head. All I could hear is how stupid I am for not being able to wake up with out the 45 min of snoozing. He never even said those words. My self talk mutilated what he said.


No idea how that seems to trump my happiness.


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