The Imagination.

I don’t know if I am doing any harm or good by going this path. But it’s a part of my story.

So this is how I met my Ex. And how it all started.

I knew him in high school. He was a year younger than me. My senior year (his junior) we had a class together. Public Speaking.

I was the cool, goof off senior who was more than happy to exude my confidence in front of the underclassman that I was getting out of this place. I was going to college (community…ha.) And I was going places. While they are stuck. Kids. In school.

He was quiet. I exploited that by yelling his name in a crowded hallway so everyone would stare at him. His cheeks got red. We weren’t friends. We exchanged “Hi” in the hall and talked a handful of times in school.

I never gave him much thought. I just knew he existed.

I graduated and became the poster child for a free 18 year old girl. Drinking, drugs (not heavy) and party party party. Mom and Dad decided we would go on a family vacation. A cruise in the Caribbean on the Carnival Imagination. I was excited and boy crazy. I couldn’t wait.

It’s 2004 so it’s post 911 and we arrived at the airport SUPER early because of security. I was standing in line and I see him. I immediately hide. I am in my pajamas, with my parents and I don’t feel like talking to anyone. But he sees me and says “Hi”. He is with his parents and his brother as well. I sneak from behind my dad and I walk over. I ask him where he is headed and he says a cruise. I said “ME TOO”. Talking, we discover we both are going on the same ship. Our parents begin talking and our brothers know each other as they are in the same grade in school.

So we land at our connection and there he is. We sit at the airport and talk about school, college etc.

Then the cruise. I don’t see him when we get to the port. I spend time with my family. We find our room and we go to the top deck to watch the ship depart. It was our fist cruise. We set sail for the ocean and we are on our way. We go down to the deck with the pool and people are everywhere. We go  up to the bar and I get a soda *lame* and we see him with his family. We all are talking and getting to know each other. I mean the next 5 days we will be on a boat together, may as well make friends. Odd thing, we had the same dinner time, and ended up at the SAME dinner table. So every night we all bonded over our meal and talked about what we did.

The last day on the ship we went to the hot tub together and hung out and talked. That night we went to the “dance club” and hung out. It was becoming clear that he was interested in me. I was more interested that he was interested. I decided to stray from him and our brothers and meet some guys. I found these two men, they asked if I wanted a drink. I said “YEAH” so they had me follow them to their room to get a bottle of liquor. I was stupid. I followed them. They closed the door behind me and began commenting on my dress and they got out a camera. I was freaking out. Totally terrified. So I began to express that I wanted to leave. They were in font of the door keeping me from opening it. Until I heard HIM outside the door asking them to open it. Knowing the gig was up they opened the door. I thought, well damn. I owe him now. Turns out he was following me and had a funny feeling. I begged him not to divulge the details to anyone as my parents would flip out and I would be mortified.

Then we kissed. Well I kissed him.

The next morning we docked in Miami and there was an announcement that we could not get off the ship right away as there is police investigation into an assault on a young girl by two men of Israeli decent. Those two guys I was with were Israeli. Turns out they raped and photographed a young girl that night. And he saved me from that fate.

After the cruise we were inseparable. Eventually he asked me to be his girlfriend and we began what is now a defunct and broken relationship.

But it started out really sweet and adorable. But we were kids. We were just doing what we thought we were supposed to do with no real thought into the future. Or talking about it.

I loved our story. “The Love Boat” and I loved telling it. Now it’s depressing. Now it feels like a sad old photo you keep but you hide in the bottom of your drawer. One day the boy will want to know this stuff. I will tell him but it will be with a heavy heart. Because it’s like going to see the Titanic (get it… haha) you know how it ends.



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