Little Step Back.

Little Step Back.

I’m back in hurricane mode. I feel the storm turning churning and I can already see destruction in my wake.

November used to be my favorite. Pretty fall leaves, first snowfall. My birthday and Thanksgiving.

But now, Continue reading “Little Step Back.”

Shit Show: Because You Might Need a Laugh…

Shit Show: Because You Might Need a Laugh…

Last night I went to urgent care. I had a tick head removed from my … Butt.

I write this blog because I needed an outlet for my mind. I always hoped one experience I write about can bring solace to someone. Or maybe inspire them. But this post is strictly to give insight into how goofy my luck is. I always say my life would make a great sitcom, on HBO of course. It would be called “The Shit Show”. And it’s doomsday election day here in the states, so we need to laugh. Continue reading “Shit Show: Because You Might Need a Laugh…”

The Wrong Kind of “Love” Triangle.

The Wrong Kind of “Love” Triangle.

It’s NOT a LOVE triangle though… DEFINITELY. 

So I’ve been officially divorced for almost a year now (One month from today is the year).

I have been dating J for a little over a year.

I have been a Mom for two and a half.

I was a Wife for 7.

And so far I have been a stable emotional being for 0 years.

I know now with my new life is new obstacles. Most of which I am not ready for.

Now here is the scenario: Continue reading “The Wrong Kind of “Love” Triangle.”