Sometimes we just need to be goofy


Because today we are a nation divided.

We… I… need this!

Here are some funnies to make us giggle. Forget the division. And lighten up:

Our first is poor little Tommy…


All he wanted was a little game of soccer. Now he has a killer headache.

And for some reason children seem to be my target today:

Sarah and Sue wanted to try their hand at some Taylor Swift


Little Billy wasn’t feeling it.

This guy. Just waiting for Mom to pick him up. Mad he is missing out on some serious Mincraft time…


PHEW. That could have been a bad day.

Okay I will leave the kids alone for now!



Its like a dog version of me getting out of bed!

And this GUY!!!


That boston face!!!

ok one more:

giphy (7).gif

Ok. Just a reminder to smile.There is love and kindness all over. Lets seek that out today, tomorrow and everyday.

AND HAVE FUN!!!!! LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok… Now I’m done… 🙂





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