TICB: My Kid Pooped.

You know life is hard. And I know for sure it certainly is hard.

My little guy stopped sleeping through the night, and in his own bed. I know I am to blame but man this Mom stuff is impossible.

Yesterday I get a text from my Ex that our little man said he had to poop and they put him on the potty and TADA he did it.

I didn’t crack a smile. I didn’t get excited. I cried.

I missed it!

I spent so much time working on this with him and now… I miss it.

And I couldn’t muster the energy to be happy because it stung.

Someone tell me this all gets easier? I hate sharing my sweet boy. I hate missing this stuff even more.


One thought on “TICB: My Kid Pooped.

  1. You know that I have never been through what you’re going through, but I can tell you this. Just because he pooped first for the ex doesn’t mean you missed his first poop. There will be 2 “firsts” for everything now. And eventually (from what I know from my other divorced friends), that’s ok. So he pooped for the ex. You can still celebrate and cheer for the first time he poops for you. And other life events that don’t involve a toilet.

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