Ladies and Gentleman: I have found myself a team player!

So this morning went like this:

6:30: WAH WAH WAH WAH. Stupid alarm

6:31: WTF why is my ex texting me. Damn it I better read it.

Hey heads up C has been up sick, coughing pretty hard. We cannot send him to the sitter like this. I have a few meetings at work, so you can take the day off with him? Let me know.

Rolled my eyes. And rolled over and nuzzled into J’s arms.

6:45: WAH WAH WAH WAH WA…. SHUT UP ALARM. And I guess I need to figure out this situation. I tell him I cannot take off from work. TRUTH. There is literally no one who can fill in for me at work and the company is tiny, one missing person is like 4 missing persons. I told him I can take a half day at noon and take over for him.I roll back into J and start telling him what’s going on.

7:00: WAH WA…. Ok no more Alarm. (I’m big on the snooze feature) My Ex is telling me that my job doesn’t concern him. His typical selfish lines all typed out in a big text. Accusing me of being rude. Making me imagine things. Making me think I’m crazy. J called it gas-lighting. I ended up asking my mom to watch the boy.

7:15: He hasn’t texted back. J is disappointed I haven’t really stood up for myself much. I argue. I don’t see the point in engaging.

7:25: My mom is watching the boy for me. I am still laying in bed. J is in the bathroom. My phone rings. It’s my Ex. Asking me why I asked my mom to call in sick. Why I cannot just do it. Disregarding my reasons. Saying we can just send him to the sitter. He even said he never told me that we “Had” to take the day off. I told him that he should re-read his text. And I said it’s how the cards will fall. Mom watches C and I will go to work. He said he would be at their house in 2 min we can talk more. I giggled. I said “I’m not there I am at J’s” and he sighed. “Fine. I figured you were”.

So turns out the little guy is super wheezy and tired. My wonderful mom sent me some photos and then a video. It was of his wheezy breathing. I sent it to J so he could see.

He, being the person he is and the person I’ve fallen in love with said:

“I’m sorry buy your Ex is a dick. He sounds so sick to just send him to the sitter would have been wrong. I know you genuinely couldn’t miss work, but he probably could have spared some time today. meetings can be moved. Let’s do this, help me learn how to change a diaper. I will suffer the poop smell. The next time this happens, I will work from home and help you out. My job is more flexible.”

Now. If you know J, which you don’t. He has VERY sensitive olfactory glands. He picks up on the most subtle odors and they overwhelm him as well. Also, I love him but he is kind of a pansy with the yucky stuff. I watched him gag cleaning cat puke. Thinking to myself “Damn! Cat puke is NOTHING in my world” But I love him.

And now, after that comment. I fucking love him. Like seriously. Ok. Sorry. But he has made some big sacrifices for me lately. Well one big one. And this. This one counts. Just to see him say that makes me go all ga-ga lovey dovey. He is making it hard for me to keep a slower pace. But it seems like the J and H thing has been on a decent track. Just the other day at lunch he threw something out there that normally would make me freak out. He said (OUT OF NOWHERE) “I like when women get married and change their last name to their middle name and take the man’s last name.” I was a little like “wtf” and a little like “oh wow that’s adorable”.

So moral of the story. J is a motha effin team player! My ex, as I’ve known for some time, is a dud.


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