30 Day Challenge: Day 1 

These things seem cheesy and a bit over done. But…

It’s late. I can’t sleep. Why not try something new!

Day 1 has a prompt that asks for a recent picture of yourself. And 15 interesting facts about yourself.

This was after a date night with J this past Saturday. I was sleepy. But excited to have worn makeup. I crashed by 9. Crazy party animal.

So my facts…

  1. I peed my pants in first grade. I was afraid to ask the teacher to use the bathroom. I told her I spilled water. I rode home on the bus soaked in my pee. I wonder how she didn’t catch it. And if she did, how she was ok with sending me home piss soaked.
  2. I apologize a lot. Habitually. To the point that I fear people don’t think I’m sincere (sometimes I’m not).
  3. I wonder what my deal is. I’ve never had a long time best friend. I don’t have a favorite animal. No favorite movie, book, song, food. Favorite color. I don’t have commitment issues. Right? I just … I don’t know.
  4. I worry a lot about what other people think of me. To the point where I know sometimes the worry holds me back. I don’t always reveal my real self to people. I feel like I don’t dance well because I am afraid of how I look. I know I miss out on adventurous fun things because I fear how people see me, my recreations to situations.
  5. I went to space camp! Dork city. I always wanted to be the first female shuttle commander. As a kid I dreamed of a day I was going into space and pioneering. It’s funny how now as an adult I laugh at kid me. How silly to dream so big. How silly of adult me to be so narrow minded now.
  6. I’m incredibly forgetful. To the point where I fear I have a medical condition. Doctor said it’s CRS (can’t remember shit) I don’t think it’s all too funny. Maybe a bit. But I have quite the reputation as a forgetful doofus. It’s not my favorite trait.
  7. I met Alec Baldwin briefly in Starbucks. He gave me a nickle. The Barista thought he was John Travolta. I laugh about it still when I go to that Starbucks.
  8. I HATE HATE HATE the sound of people eating crunchy food. And if I am already annoyed with that person you can tack on two more “Hates”.
  9.  I am genuinely happy to have friends in my life. I fear I don’t tell them enough how much I do appreciate them. I feel like if I had more money I would be able to show them better. But I know that’s not how this works. I just know that I want to provide happiness to them. I feel like so many friends have helped me in the years. I’ve never found a true way to thank them. They say money doesn’t buy happiness but it’s a fool proof way to repay a favor or show appreciation. I guess I need to learn to shift my thinking. It feels wrong typed out.
  10.  I watch Star Trek Next Generation basically every night before bed. I have every episode memorized. I have a HUGE crush on Picard. Now my little guy watches it with me. I freakin’ love it.
  11.  I have a birthmark that covers half of my stomach. That is one of the biggest reasons I have hardly ever worn a bikini. I used to buy tanning cream to try to blend it. But now, my stretch marks from the baby added into the mix of my flabby tummy… I don’t care.
  12.  I love piercings and tattoos. I wanted one down my spine of the solar system. I drew a phoenix in flames once, I always wanted that on my wrist. I had wanted … my nipples pierced. I wanted my tongue pierced as well as a few others. So far all I have is my ears, and a crappy heart with wings on my hip when I was 18. I’ll never do any thing more than I have though. It’s just a closet fantasy of mine.
  13.  I love women. Like I find them beautiful. Head to toe they are the most amazing creation on this earth. I find them to be astounding resilient creatures. I would be a lesbian if I didn’t enjoy the pleasure of man parts so much. Sorry if that’s too graphic… nope not sorry. I have had a few little “experiments” in my college days with girls, I enjoyed them. Back then I felt so guilty about doing it but I have a different outlook. I appreciate the beauty, strength and attractiveness of a woman. I am attracted to all of that. If J and I didn’t meet, but I met a woman equally intriguing and stimulating I would have pursued a relationship because love is what it is. Love.
  14.  I love doodling. My work notes are always all doodled up. I wish I was super talented because I have tried to learn different hand lettering fonts, but so far I am not very good.
  15.  I hate offending people. Hurting feelings. It wrecks me. Even insulting my ex, who I cannot stand, bugs me if I hurt his feelings. I am a gentle and kind person. I think people don’t understand me, when I go to certain length to avoid hurting people, knowing they would never offer me the same courtesy. But it’s who I am.


Do you think I’ll remember to do all 30 of this challenge? We’ll see….


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