30 Day Challenge: Day 2

Today’s prompt is:

The meaning of your blog name.

Well I’ve talked about this in the beginning. But to revisit it for the sake of staying compliant, my blog name is Hurricane Heather.

Why? Well when I started writing this down. I felt like an emotional hurricane. I was lashing out, whipping my emotions at anyone I could. I was all over the place on the spectrum from elated to wanting to die. And every now and again I would hit a wall. If I broke through the wall the other side was a remotely calm time. But the hurricane was still raging around me. I know I was destructive in those days. I know I was scaring people around me. Some times the more I raged on, I was picking up steam and roaring louder and louder.

I seem to have lost a lot of that steam, but every now and again the storm inside me gets louder.

I refer to myself as hurricane sometimes because I am also disorganized and messy. So it’s applicable in many ways.

There it is. Day 2. Done.


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