30 Day Challenge: Day 3

Day 3: A picture of your animals.

I feel like a teenage girl doing this now.

But I’ll make it fun… Like I always do.

I have one pet. He’s a Boston Terrier. His name is “Riley” and he is the coolest little dude.

Sweet, crazy, snuggly, humper!

I wanted a puppy for a while. A year after we were married my Ex and I looked for French Bulldog puppies. We did NOT want to spend $1,500 on a puppy. We decided to change paths. We saw photos of little Bostons and thought these little guys are just as cute!

We found a sweet woman that bred them a few hours away. Just our luck she had 2 puppies left. We drove out to meet her. So excited. So ready for this adventure. We sat on her couch and talked, I had one puppy on my lap and he had the other. My puppy was just chilling, sleeping and snuggling me. The one on my Ex’s lap was kissing and playing. I wanted the sweet calm one, but my Ex had never had a dog and I wanted to let him choose. Luckily I did that. Not that the other puppy wasn’t awesome. But Riley is my baby! It was great. We brought him home we snuggled him, we went for walks and adventures. Took him to the lake on the boat, ice cream dates. It was always fun with Riley. We joined a Boston Terrier play group, and our first meet up we got to talking to another BT owner. He was amazed at how well our dogs played. We got to talking and learned that he got his dog (Russ) from the same breeder…. the same week. Two day after we took Riley home, he picked up the last puppy (the sweet snuggler that was in my lap). The chances of us meeting, and forming a great bond and friendship were so small. But Russ and his owner became wonderful friends to us.

Baby Riley on his first Car ride – going Home.
Isn’t he so photogenic?

That BT meetup group is actually where I made a bunch of friends. It was a great period in my life. I was getting social interaction that I had craved, spending time with my new doggy and building relationships that to this day I will still have.

Some were casualties of the divorce.

Some are still here. And if it weren’t for my dog I would not have those friends. So say what you want about “things happening for reason” but all signs point to it.

Riley and Russ

Throughout the divorce, that dog slept by my side. Licked the salty tears off my face. Followed me from the corners of the house. During screaming matches he would run to my side. He was a cornerstone in my progress.

Now I feel sorry for him. I know he misses my Ex. I encourage my Ex to take him for little spurts of time. But it doesn’t happen often.

He loves sleeping with me like this.

I have felt guilty because 3 nights out of the week, I am not home with him. He is with my parents. I miss his furry little body sleeping next to me those nights. I know he’s just a dog, and he is probably fine. But to me he’s my best friend.


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