30 Day Challenge: Day 4

So here we are. Day 4. A habit I wish I didn’t have.


I could make a list of habits I wish I didn’t have. But for the sake of being a somewhat rule follower… I’ll pick one.

I hate that I have a habit of being messy. I mean if you have read this you know that my Ex was a neurotic neat freak so being married to a disorganized messy hurricane like myself was really setting us up for failure.

But HE isn’t the reason I wish I didn’t have this habit.

I hate looking disheveled. I hate always feeling overwhelmed. I hate feeling embarrassed. I have read books. I have tried designating times and days to clean. I have tried numerous steps to overcome this habit. But I’m messy. Disorganized and chaotic. I guess if I can get the root problem I can remedy it. But I also have philosophy that life is really fucking messy. And as long as I am aware. And I keep trying. I’m doing my best.



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