Shit Show: Don’t lend money honey. 

Last Thursday I borrowed $40 from my mom. $40 I paid back on Friday when I was paid. 

This Monday my mom borrowed $500. Then my dad (who knew nothing of the $500 loan) borrowed $100 to get moms birthday gift. That night $440 was withdrawn putting my account in the negative. Followed by $140 in insufficient funds fees. So my mom apologized as my account was negative $200. 

I wasn’t mad. I just kept chugging along.

Today I was supposed to get my money back. But when the $500 is replaced the $140 in fees wasn’t. I was told I have to wait for the $440. And the birthday gift money will take time too. 

So once I pay my bills I have $77 to my name until a week from now. That’s $10 a day. But I needed gas. Diapers for my kid. Food. 

My mom later, sends photos of her mani pedi she just got as I’m having heart palpitations and budgeting my $77 for the week. 

I said something to her. But now I’m the bad guy. Since she helps me. She’s having a hard time. She has money problems. I was kind. But she acted as if I accosted her. 

Both points were true. But she’s missing the point. She took my money. Drained my account to less than nothing, gave a tiny portion back And got her nails done. I have NOTHING. I can’t do anything like that. At all. But there she goes…. 

I liked being able to share accounts but come next Friday, it’s over. This is insanity to me. I shouldn’t have to ask her for my own money. I shouldn’t feel this way about my money. 

I’m not mad either. Just terribly let down. Powerless. Hopeless. 

And I can’t talk about it. Because she won’t tell my dad. 



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