About Hurricane Heather

It was brought to my attention this needs to be updated a bit.

I am divorced now. I am thankful for it. For me going through a divorce has been a gift. When I first started this blog and when I wrote my introduction below, I was optimistic that maybe we would work through it.

It didn’t work that way. It was a hard journey but I can attest to the fact that I overcame a giant obstacle with my head held high and every time I was knocked down, I sure did get back up.

Life takes twists and turns and goes up and down. I have learned to try to embrace the downs, because they are what make me who I am. A warrior. I will never try to be someone I don’t want to, for someone else. I will never fight for someone to love me and I will always share my story to those who want to hear it, because talking about this experience is what kept me going.

I’ve been seeing someone for a year and learning to date again, has been by far just as challenging as Divorce someday. Juggling the “Mom Me”, the “Single Me” the “Single Mom Me” and “Work Me” is challenging but if I have learned anything since this all started it’s the challenges that create the most beautiful stories.

My name is Heather. I had been married for 6 years until my husband came to me in December 2014 to say he has no feelings for me anymore. We attended counseling, we tried to work out why he was struggling to stay happy in our marriage. In between this I discovered he had been fostering an inappropriate friendship with a coworker at his second job. While I accept they were “just friends” there is no denying that the impact of his emotional affair was a devastating blow.

Despite my efforts and my constant begging and pleading for him to focus on all of our wonderful memories, he threw in the towel and chose to walk away from a life with me and his infant son in April. His reasons are not invalid reasons to be unhappy in a relationship and I take full ownership for my part. I could have made more money or had less debt and I could have tried harder to ensure his home was always clean and dinner was always ready when he was home. But these are not reasons to end your marriage. They are reasons to improve. But he is in fact positive that we have never been happy. We will never be happy together. And he is better off separating his family to find his own happiness.

Now I’m working on coming to terms with this. Because I don’t want a divorce. But I don’t want to be married to someone so void of emotion.

So here I am. Blogging the pain away.

And more importantly now is an introduction to my sweet little family:

My my sweet baby boy was born in March 2014 and he is the face of my strength. He has taught me more about myself than anyone or anything. Carter

I’m also a doggy mom to a wild Boston Terrier, Riley. He is out of control but cute as hell.


I am an eclectic nerd. I like Star Wars and Star Trek. In fact I am a lover of all “Star things” and science fiction. I enjoy nights with my telescope. I enjoy tinkering with taking pictures on a strictly goofing around basis. Im goofy, dorky, strange and in the same respect I am a gentle sensitive soul who cares more about others than they ever will about me.

So this is me. And welcome to the hurricane that is my life.


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