Roller noCoaster

Roller noCoaster

I am sick of the roller coaster. I am sick of feeling constantly on edge.

I am sick of feeling extreme happiness. And feeling the fast and swift downward spiral to just raw despair.

It’s too easy to break my stride. It takes nothing to make me go from content to crappy.

How terrible it must be to know me. To have to spend time with me. Continue reading “Roller noCoaster”

Don’t Tell Me How To Act or Feel.

The stress of this is getting to me. I just lost some pretty large chunks of hair. Luckily I have really thick hair so you can’t see the bald spots.

I am still angry. I keep crying over almost nothing. He was able to turn off his feelings. But I unfortunately feel everything. It’s deep. It’s raw. My core is exposed and I have no way of closing myself off. Continue reading “Don’t Tell Me How To Act or Feel.”