The Boy and J.

The Boy and J.

My new reality. I have no idea what my future is anymore. Where I am going. I don’t even really know where I WANT to go.

I do know this.

Life doesn’t care what you want. Where you want to go. What you want to be. It will force upon you circumstances and you will have to adjust your desires perpetually.

I do know that I am obligated to take each day, and try to make it as good as the last.


I took my little boy to the Museum of Play. Its adorable. For a kid it must look like the coolest place on earth. There is a Sesame Street area, there is little train to ride on, a carousel, a huge plane you can play in, arcade games, super heroes, pirate ship you can play on …  could go for hours about all the fun this place is packed with.

I also invited J. It is time for him to see the “Mom” side of me. Continue reading “The Boy and J.”