List: What I Don’t Miss

List: What I Don’t Miss

Sometimes when I have a cloudy head I make a list.

Not so many clouds lately. The forecast has been quite sunny. Minus the Tick in my butt.

But I was thinking this morning on my commute to work. About all the things I do not miss about my old life.

So here it is: Continue reading “List: What I Don’t Miss”

The Wrong Kind of “Love” Triangle.

The Wrong Kind of “Love” Triangle.

It’s NOT a LOVE triangle though… DEFINITELY. 

So I’ve been officially divorced for almost a year now (One month from today is the year).

I have been dating J for a little over a year.

I have been a Mom for two and a half.

I was a Wife for 7.

And so far I have been a stable emotional being for 0 years.

I know now with my new life is new obstacles. Most of which I am not ready for.

Now here is the scenario: Continue reading “The Wrong Kind of “Love” Triangle.”

My Worst Divorce Memory

My Worst Divorce Memory

Lately I’ve been thinking.

Thoughts I’ve buried. Thoughts I’ve deemed too difficult to process.

And mix it with thoughts that counteract the trauma. The “Look how far I’ve come now” kind of thoughts.

I remember driving in the car. We dropped the boy off with mom and dad and making our way home to pack for a quick weekend trip to Chicago. It was my “Hail Mary” to save our marriage. Continue reading “My Worst Divorce Memory”

Letters I Will Never Send: Dear Ex Husband,

Letters I Will Never Send: Dear Ex Husband,

My therapist asked me to write a letter I will never send. Addressed to my ex. Well. Obviously I am familiar with doing this. This letter may be redundant when looking at the others but it’s just another way to help me heal.

Dear Ex,

We speak on a weekly basis. If you ask me it’s more than I’d like to but we have a son together and it’s what is best for him. So I do it. When we do speak I keep it to minimal but I would like to clear up somethings and update you on my life now. Continue reading “Letters I Will Never Send: Dear Ex Husband,”